Booming Website Traffic and Mailer FAQs

What Is BoomingWebsiteTraffic ?

BoomingWebsiteTraffic is a Truly Unique Exchange and double opt in mailer. WE give high regard to running a clean and well kept�

site that takes extra care to make sure we are showing traffic to active, interested LIVE members only.

How Do I Receive Hits?

Before you can receive hits you must fully activate your account. In order to do this you must first have at least one approved page in rotation, which means having credits assigned. You may wish to use the Auto Assign features to place credits on our sites as you surf.

-No Hate, Adult/Porn, Criminal, or other sites deemed inappropriate by Admin.
-No Auto Play Video- Audio, all sites must have on/off switch!
-All Sites must be 90% or more English Content

You are now ready to surf. Only after you have Surfed a minimum of 100 sites are you considered Active, and only then will you receive any Sign-Up or Activation Bonuses.

When and how do we get paid and what is your minimum?

Members MUST have at least one page in rotation with credits assigned or you will not be paid. We suggest you use Auto Assign.

Minimum Payout for Free Members is just $15.00.

Upgraded Members Minimum Payout of $10.00

Payouts done on FRIDAYS by PAYZA or STP

We prefer that no large amounts of cash are accumulated. If you wish to save your cash here for upgrades/advertising just submit a ticket and mark "hold" in place of your payment address.

If you do not add any payout details and do not contact support within 1 Month of reaching required payout then any commissions owed will be converted to advertising appropriate for your personal account .

If you do not login and surf 100 pages for a period of 60 Days or longer any cash balance will be converted to Advertising unless a prior agreement with Admin exists or you have an upgraded account.

Referral Contests and Bonuses Policy

From time to time a cash Bonus may be offered for the recruitment of Active Legitimate Members*. However, due to the large amount of cheating that occurs whenever such rewards are offered, strict guidelines exist to protect all the legitimate members of Booming Website Traffic and Mailer.

The use of any Program to offer cash rewards for others to activate an account at Booming Website Traffic and Mailer is deemed to be cheating. Anyone caught cheating will loose ALL earnings and will be BANNED

Only the Incentives offered by Booming Website Traffic and Mailer may be advertised.

"Facebook Friends" you ask to join for a day etc-none of these are allowed. Use Safelists, Mailers, other TE's etc to build your Downlines.

*Active Legitimate Members are defined as members who have at least 1 legitimate site in rotation, with credits assigned to it. The member will also have surfed a minimum of 100 sites in a 24 hour Server Day.

Members must not falsify their location by use of Proxy IP or editing of Text.

Corporate IP's, dot edu sites, and Internet cafe locations also will make a member ineligible for rewards and may cause their suspension.

No Duplicate accounts or Duplicate IP's allowed unless at least ONE account is upgraded unless prior Admin consent is obtained - No referral bonuses are paid for the recruitment of anyone in your household or that uses your IP - Any duplicate accounts will be banned and any commissions/bonuses removed.

If you have any other questions, please submit a support ticket


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